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Last Update: Monday September 9, 2019

We're Hiring!

Help Us Create the World's Best Product Reviews

We're an internet company with a bold mission to create the world's best outdoor gear reviews. To get a sense of the kind of reviews we create and publish, please look at our website. Our recent reviews will give you a sense of the level of detail and depth we strive for. You can also read about our company philosophy on our About OutdoorGearLab page.

We're currently accepting applications at OutdoorGearLab for:
  • General Freelance Reviewers

Freelance Reviewers for OutdoorGearLab

Our ideal freelance reviewer is self-motivated, has a college degree, is an expert in one or more outdoor activities and related gear categories, has strong writing and analytical skills, loves gear and reads online reviews extensively as a matter of course.

Our freelance reviewers work remotely as independent contractors on a part-time basis.

The general scope of work involves testing all the products we select for a category (like backpacking water filters or fleece jackets), rating each, then creating a detailed written review of each product.

Note that, unlike a lot of other websites, we don't review just one product but instead have a reviewer take on the entire category and test all products side-by-side. You will use and test each product with a critical eye toward scoring it against four to six rating criteria. Our reviews are detailed and extensive. We will provide you with the products to test and a set of rating metrics on which to evaluate each product.

Your job as an OutdoorGearLab reviewer is to familiarize yourself with the category and each product, research existing user-reviews, rate each product, take photos of the products in use, help select the award winners, write up the review for each product, write the best-in-class award overview review, write the buying advice article, and write a description of how we test.

Our strongest candidates will provide at least one gear review writing sample, one that was either written for previous publication or an original. Similarly, we prefer to see photo samples that highlight outdoor gear in action. We're also interested in your longer and/or more technical writing samples.

The compensation varies depending on each category's complexity and the number of products to be tested, but typically ranges from $1,700 to $2,500 for a full category review project.

Current openings in the following areas of expertise:

Eligible candidates must be located in the Lake Tahoe region:
  • No openings at the moment

Current openings outside of the Lake Tahoe region:

  • Mountain Bike Pedal - Clipless (Women's)
  • Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards
  • Kayaks
  • Water Shoes (Women's)
  • Ski Pants (Men's)
  • Ski Pants (Women's)
  • Ski Goggles
  • Ski Jackets (Men's)

However, we're always accepting applications as reviews open up unexpectedly at times. If you have expertise outside of the above categories and would like to be considered should a freelance review opportunity arise, please apply and let us know of your area(s) of interest. We will keep your information on file.

How to Apply

If you are interested in applying to become a reviewer for OutdoorGearLab, please send to
  • Your resume.
  • Three references.
  • A list of outdoor activities and gear categories that you are an expert in, the more specific, the better.
  • 2-3 extensive examples of your writing; we strongly prefer actual gear review samples.
  • 2-3 sample photographs; we strongly prefer photos that highlight gear in an active, outdoor setting.
  • A link to a social media account.