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Yeti Cycles Avery Review

The Avery, our Best Buy for style, is also a fantastic riding short, and a great value.
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Price:  $90 List | $89.95 at Competitive Cyclist
Pros:  Lightweight, great style, flattering fit, perfectly placed zip pocket
Cons:  Runs small, not super stretchy
Manufacturer:   Yeti Cycles
By Laurel Hunter ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Mar 28, 2019
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#2 of 8
  • Fit and Comfort - 30% 9
  • Pedal Friendliness - 30% 8
  • Protection - 20% 7
  • Pockets - 10% 9
  • Style - 10% 9

Our Verdict

Do you want to look great? Do you maybe want to rock your kneepads, maybe not? Do you want lightweight, breathable shorts a perfectly placed and secure zipper pocket? We thought so! The Yeti Cycles Avery checks all your boxes and is our Best Buy for Style. While it runs a bit small and is less stretchy and forgiving than some options, all of our testers admired the look of these shorts as well as the details that went into making it awesome on the trail. With two of our favorite shorts coming from Yeti Cycles, we can only conclude that folks who make mountain bikes get what it takes to make a great pair of mountain bike shorts.

The Avery shorts offer a light feel, breathability, and moderate protection, If you want similar function in a package that's nearly as cute a bit more burly, check out the Yeti Norrie.

Product Updates

Yeti tweaks the Avery a bit this year. See below for a comparison.

March 2019

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Our Analysis and Test Results

Updated Avery

The Avery was revamped slightly this year. Though it still sports the same fabric and 12" inseam, we noticed a couple details that changed, such as the waist tab and leg slits. Check out the differences in the images below. The first picture is the 2019 Avery, followed by the version we tested last year.

Hands-On Review of the Avery

Are you ready to look great? Our Best Buy for Style is a new addition to the Yeti Cycles' women's shorts lineup. The Avery boasts lightweight fabric, smart pocket configuration, subtle pattern, and perfect length, making it a winner. It also has a smart waistband adjustment system and is an all-around great looking short for riding a bike in the mountains, the desert, and anywhere in between.

Performance Comparison

The Avery looked great on the Bobsled trail.
The Avery looked great on the Bobsled trail.

Fit and Comfort

The Yeti Avery is made of a lightweight polyester material that is ideal for longer rides on warm days. Early spring brought in some chilly winds, which these shorts had no problem cutting through to keep our thighs cozy. They also wicked sweat nicely on our hottest rides. Some testers found the Avery to run small and the fabric's stretch was not enough to accommodate all of the ladies. Our smallest tester fell in love with the silky weight and slim fit of the Avery, while those with most athletic builds would have preferred a larger size.

Pull-to-fit toggles adjust the fit inside the waistband. They cinch from the front, and the shorts retained a flattering look even with the toggles tightened. The adjusters have to be pinched in one hand while pulling a stretchy nylon cord in the other. There are fabric "garages" to tuck in the cord loops once you have the shorts adjusted, which keeps the waistband comfortable. Tucking them in was awkward with gloves, but once in place, they stayed put and didn't need further adjustment. The waistband lining is very soft and comfortable against the skin.

The legs of the Avery have a slim fit that narrows at the knee, which most testers found quite flattering. However, one tester felt they were too narrow above the knee to maintain ventilation.

The Avery ran a little small  but was still fun to pedal in.
The Avery ran a little small, but was still fun to pedal in.


The 12-inch inseam length on the Avery was plenty to protect against grabbing tree branches and worked well with kneepads. The soft, stretchy fabric also proved to be remarkably durable against some wild rose thorns we didn't expect to encounter so close to the trail. The fabric is thin enough, however, that we weren't quite as confident when on unfamiliar, rocky terrain. We didn't want to find out how it would fare in a collision with the sandstone. All told, the shorts are a great choice for riding a favorite gravity trail where you know what is coming.

Also worth noting is that the lightweight fabric allows for breathability while protecting our thighs from harmful UV rays. We love the sun, but we love our skin more and hours of working in the saddle can wear off even the most diligently applied sunscreen.

If you're interested in more protection with the same length, the Yeti Norrie will do the trick.

We loved the length and cuff details of the Yeti Avery!
We loved the length and cuff details of the Yeti Avery!

Pedal Friendliness

Smooth glide patches on top of the thighs allow the Avery shorts to stay put while we pedaled. They never crept up or bunched. The patches also add a little extra protection to the top of the thigh without adding bulk. These patches are also a feature on the Yeti Norrie.

A good overall fit allowed for confident descending, as well. Testers had no complaints of fabric catching on seats. The fabric was breathable when we did laps on the jump trail, and wicked away sweat like it was going out of style.

Because these shorts ran small, some testers would have appreciated more stretch in the fabric, though they figured that sizing up would make for a perfect fit. If you prefer a short with maximal, 4-way stretch to cover your assets, check out the Shredly MTB Short.

No creeping on these shorts! The Yeti Avery was pedal friendly.
No creeping on these shorts! The Yeti Avery was pedal friendly.


The pockets on the Avery are minimal but provided exactly what testers wanted: a secure place to stash a phone, an ID, or a bar, as well as pockets for wrappers and trash. The Avery has three pockets. Two of these are open pockets at the front waistband. These are lined with mesh, allowing for some ventilation at the waistline. The third pocket is a zip pocket on the hip, which holds an iPhone 8 comfortably while riding, or a bar, but probably not both. The angle of the zipper allowed for easy access when we needed to snap a pic on the trail, or have a quick snack.

Pockets are a hot topic among our testers. Those that always wear a pack rarely use pockets and couldn't see what the fuss was all about. Most testers, however, wanted at least one secure pocket for keys, lip balm, or an ID. Location is also worth noting, with our preference being on the outside of the thigh, where it won't interfere with pedal strokes. The Avery worked for us but for those that need more options, check out the pocket-positive Zoic Navaeh.

IPhone fits comfortably in the pocket of the Yeti Avery mountain bike shorts.
IPhone fits comfortably in the pocket of the Yeti Avery mountain bike shorts.


The fabric on the Yeti Avery is sublimated for rich color and minimal but catchy graphics. Graphics on mountain bike shorts are in short supply (pun intended) and it was a refreshing change to have tiny chevrons floating around in a sea of teal to add a bit of sass. For even bolder graphics, check out the Shredly MTB Short.

The waist adjusters on the Avery are discreet and allowed us to adjust for fit without losing the clean silhouette. The hand pockets add street style for hanging out at the coffee shop, pre-ride, and the notched cuffs are a perfect detail for added cuteness.

Overall, it was the cut that most of our testers appreciated. These shorts have a streamlined and flattering look, and all of the details make it come together to be our Best Buy for Style.

A flattering silhouette  even with the waist adjusters in action.
A flattering silhouette, even with the waist adjusters in action.

Best Applications

If you are going to be mountain biking, the Avery will be a great short for you! Whether you are trail riding, smashing cross-country or even racing Enduro, the Avery is a one-quiver option for most riding needs. The length will offer basic protection on a trail ride, and you can rock kneepads or not. It is not the stretchiest short in the bunch, however, so make sure you get the right size.


At $90, the Yeti Avery is one of the more affordable shorts that we tested. For the style points alone, this is a smokin' deal. Add the handy zipper pocket, the excellent construction, and well thought out design, and buying the Avery makes perfect sense.


If the Yeti Avery fit, it was a favorite with our testers. With style, pedal-friendly design, length for kneepads and one perfectly placed zippered pocket The Avery does its job well. It runs small and is not the stretchiest of the shorts we tested, but for most of our testers, the Avery was irresistible.

Laurel Hunter