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Hennessy Expedition Asym Zip Review

The trimmed-down design of the Expedition offers a comfortable asymmetric shape and keeps both the weight and the price low
hennessy expedition asym zip hammock review
Credit: Hennessy
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Price:  $170 List | $169.95 at REI
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Pros:  Comfortable asymmetric design, budget friendly, package includes full shelter system
Cons:  More complicated set up, small rain fly, bug net is not removable
Manufacturer:   Hennessy Hammock
By Elizabeth Paashaus  ⋅  Apr 14, 2020
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  • Comfort - 40% 7.0
  • Weight - 20% 7.0
  • Durability and Protection - 20% 8.0
  • Ease of Set Up - 10% 4.0
  • Versatility - 10% 4.0

Our Verdict

The Hennessy Expedition is the winner of one of our Best Buy awards. It is a fully-featured hammock shelter in a budget-friendly package. This innovative expedition hammock comes fully equipped with an integrated bug net, suspension, and a rain fly. If you're looking for a tent replacement style hammock, the Hennessy Expedition Asym offers comfortable asymmetric positioning and brings all the necessary features to the table. The rainfly doesn't offer the best coverage, and it's not the lightest set up out there but falls in line with most of the shelter systems we tested. Campers who want to be prepared for bugs and rain but aren't ready to invest an arm and leg will be pleased with the Expedition.

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Bottom Line The trimmed-down design of the Expedition offers a comfortable asymmetric shape and keeps both the weight and the price lowSuperior comfort with a dedicated footbox, spacious fabric, and all the features needed for many nights of cozy sleepReady for kicking back with a cold one or napping alike, the Skyloft is a durable and comfortable hammock for relaxing at the park or cragA great way to save money but still find all the comfort, simplicity, and webbing suspension straps that you expect from top hammock brands
Rating Categories Hennessy Expedition... Warbonnet Original... ENO Skyloft Kootek Portable
Comfort (40%)
Weight (20%)
Durability and Protection (20%)
Ease of Set Up (10%)
Versatility (10%)
Specs Hennessy Expedition... Warbonnet Original... ENO Skyloft Kootek Portable
Measured Weight - Package (ounces) 42 oz 27 oz hammock, bug net, webbing/buckle suspension 44 oz 23 oz
Measured Weight - Hammock Only (ounces) 30 oz (hammock, bug net, suspension) 26 oz hammock, bug net, webbing/buckle suspension 42 oz 23 oz
Measured Weight - Hammock and Suspension (ounces) 30 oz (hammock, bug net, suspension) 26 oz hammock, bug net, webbing/buckle suspension 54 oz with atlas straps 37 oz
Measured Weight - Shelter System (no stakes) 42 oz (hammock, bug net, tarp, suspension) 42 oz with Mini Fly tarp N/A N/A
Capacity (weight) 250 lbs 350-400 lbs depending on options selected 250 lbs 500 lbs
Hanging Straps Included? Yes no, can add onto purchase for extra $ No Yes, 10' straps
Hammock Size 10' x 4.92' 10' x 5.25' 7' x 3' 9'10" x 6'6"
Size Compact 9" x 7" x 4" 10" x 4" 18.5” x 4.5” x 4.5” 9.8" x 7.4"
Connectors Polyester rope Whoopies/straps or buckle/webbing (sold separately) Aluminum carabiners Steel carabiners
Material 70D Oxford Nylon 40D or 70D Nylon (depending on options selected) NewWave nylon 210D nylon
Construction Single panel double-stitched seam connection to zipper and 30D polyester No-See-Um netting. 3mm integrated ridgeline. 5mm cord connected to hammock anchor point to tie around tree strap. Dual stretch cord attachments to pull hammock body away at sides. End gathered, asymmetric hammock, single or double layer fabric, zipper along 1 side, integrated bug netting. Storage shelf and foot box Durable ripstop nylon with aluminum spreader bars Triple interlocking stitching
Sizes / Colors Multiple other sizes/configurations available under other Hennessy product names 27 colors, 3 fabric layering configurations 1 size, 4 colors 1 size, 5 colors
Capacity (height) 6' 6' Not stated Not stated
Accessories (compatible, not included) Tree straps, larger rain flys, insulation, "snakeskin" stuff sacks Rain flies, bug net, carabiners, fish hooks, under quilts, top quilts, suspension systems Suspension straps, rain fly, bug net, top quilts, under quilts, insulation pads, permanent anchors None
Accessories (included with hammock) Tree straps, 70D polyurethane coated polyester ripstop rainfly, integrated bug net Guylines, bugnetting, storage shelf, continuous loops (for attaching suspension system to), stuff sack Aluminum wiregate carabiners Tree straps, steel carabiners
Extra Accessories Tested None Mini Fly tarp, webbing with buckles suspension, Atlas straps None

Our Analysis and Test Results

Hennessy has been offering its unique hammock shelter systems since the '90s and seems to have been the forerunner of the popular and comfortable asymmetric design that allows for a flatter lay. The Expedition stands apart from other shelter systems in our review with the way every component is integrated; the suspension ropes appear seamlessly out of the hammock fabric, the rainfly attaches to and is held taught by the suspension, and each piece works together to create a comfortable haven that keeps you protected from with weather and bugs. Read on to see why we appreciated both the design and the price of this model.

Performance Comparison

hennessy expedition asym zip hammock review - our testers felt comfortable and well protected in the cozy cocoon...
Our testers felt comfortable and well protected in the cozy cocoon of the Hennessy Expedition.
Credit: Elizabeth Paashaus


The Hennessey Expedition Asym has extreme comfort potential due to its asymmetrical design. It lacks a foot box but does have guylines to stake the sides of the hammock out, which helps provide extra shoulder and foot space. The hammock body is narrower and shorter than the models we ranked higher for comfort and, while the sweet spot is definitely there, it's a bit harder to find. Finding a comfortable hang took a bit of experimentation for a new hammocker. The stuff sack has what appears to be a novel printed on it detailing exactly how to successfully hang your Hennessy. Trust us, read it, try it, and you'll be glad you did. The comfort is greatly improved when using the right tension and hanging the foot end a bit above the head end.

Like other models with a ridgeline and bug net, we found that this was not an ideal hammock for sitting up, though it is possible, and you can watch helpful videos online to learn more about this. The ridgeline also comes with a mesh organizer, a great upgrade that some users found very helpful for storing a headlamp, book, or other small items that can be difficult to stash otherwise. The heavier fabric is less comfortable than thinner, silkier materials in other models we tested, but this problem goes away once you crawl into a sleeping bag. The added durability means you are less likely to puncture your hammock and cause an unfortunate midnight blowout.

We tested the Expedition with a side entry zipper, but Hennessy also offers a velcro bottom entry option that we tested with the Ultralight version. We liked the body positioning of entering the bottom because you can stand more upright since you are entering where the tarp is the highest, but the velcro drove us crazy and roughed up the pants of our testers wearing leggings or baselayers. Overall, we recommend the zippered side entry.

hennessy expedition asym zip hammock review - it's just not possible to fully sit up in this hammock due to the...
It's just not possible to fully sit up in this hammock due to the ridgeline and the bug netting that pulls back no further than said ridgeline.
Credit: Elizabeth Paashaus


Great features and durability tend to come at a weight cost, and the Hennessey Expedition Asym is no exception.

When comparing apples to apples, the Expedition ranks similarly with most of the full shelter systems we tested.

We aren't sure what the magic is with weighing 42 ounces, but we found so many models that came in right at this weight. Some of these models include larger rain flys for better coverage, some have smaller hammocks to cut weight, but overall, each makes its sacrifices and keeps some luxuries to weigh in about the same. The Expedition's sacrifices for weight savings are the more time-consuming suspension system, the heavier material on both the hammock body and rain fly, and the pretty minimal coverage diamond-shaped rain fly. It keeps the luxuries of the heavier material being durable and the spacious asymmetric hammock body for a high degree of comfort.

hennessy expedition asym zip hammock review - hennessy also offers snakeskins which are long tubes that your...
Hennessy also offers snakeskins which are long tubes that your entire set up slides into. Instead of packing around this ball, you can coil your nylon boa constrictor into all the crevices of your pack.
Credit: Elizabeth Paashaus

Ease of Set Up

The Hennessey Expedition is one of the most difficult models to pitch of all we tested. While it takes some learning and is more time-consuming to hang, the basic rope system is lighter weight than other suspension systems besides the whoopie sling style and helps keep the overall cost of the hammock low.

There is nothing built-in to allow easy tension adjustments while the hammock is hanging, and stakes are needed for the elastic guy lines on the sides but are not included. Thorough, wordy instructions are printed on the bag, and excellent videos are available online that helped us immensely, so we recommend investing some time learning and practicing the lashing system before heading out on your first trip. Once we got the lashing system down, it was easy to accomplish, but adjusting it still takes more time than most of the other hammock suspensions we tested.

The tree straps that come with the hammock are only 42 inches long, so if you're surrounded by trees more than about 12 inches in diameter, you may have a problem. However, if you order directly from Hennessy, you can upgrade to longer straps for free, or you can bring extra webbing of your own and easily attach it to this hammock.

Contributing to some confusion during setup, the fly has an asymmetrical shape that needs to match the hammock's shape, but there are no markings or color-coding to tell you what corner lines up with what. You can just lay it on the ground and look at the shape in the daylight, but it is a pain when it's dark outside or wet on the ground, so we recommend marking the tarp somehow. We do really like how the Hennessy Expedition rain fly ties directly into the hammock suspension. The small clip and friction knot of the Hennessey models are surprisingly strong and make micro-adjustments fast and simple. When needing more or less tension on the rainfly, the user needs only to slide the knot further up the polycord, closer to the tree or anchor.

hennessy expedition asym zip hammock review - fans of the dr. bronner's bottle will feel right at home with the...
Fans of the Dr. Bronner's bottle will feel right at home with the Hennessy set up instructions. Honestly, it's not that hard but the wordy bag can be intimidating.
Credit: Elizabeth Paashaus

Durability and Protection

While any hammock can be upgraded to have a fly, the rainfly on the Expedition is designed to fit the shape of the hammock perfectly and integrates easily into the suspension system, meaning you won't pitch the fly incorrectly.

However, the diamond shape of the rainfly doesn't offer the most protection in windy, rainy conditions. Hennessy includes clips at the corners of the tarp to allow you to attach a weight to pull the corners further down for added protection, but you still won't get as much coverage from a blowing rain as with a larger rectangular tarp. If buying your hammock directly from Hennessy for an extra charge, you can customize your system and change the tarp to a larger tarp, a lighter material, and a different shape.

The Expedition has fairly durable fabric: 70-Denier oxford nylon with double-stitched seams. Most shelter system models we tested use a lighter weight body fabric to save ounces, which also decreases durability. If taken proper care of, this hammock will be around for many years and can be relied on for extended trips when trust in gear is paramount.

hennessy expedition asym zip hammock review - when fully tied and staked out, the hammock's fly and body move as...
When fully tied and staked out, the hammock's fly and body move as one to provide decent rain protection with a smaller than average fly.
Credit: Elizabeth Paashaus


While the Expedition is a great choice for camping, it lacks versatility. The bug net is permanently attached, making it less than optimal for sitting, and the time-consuming nature of the suspension means this isn't a hammock you are likely to bring along to quickly hang up for casual day-use.

The attached bug netting doesn't zip back far enough to be tucked out of the way. It can be rolled and clipped to the ridgeline to open up one side, but you still won't be able to sit all that easily in this hammock. Its relatively low weight rating at 250 pounds further limits most folks to using the hammock alone.

Campers who are looking for a hammock that they can use to chill in their backyard with friends as well as to shelter them on backpacking excursions should look elsewhere, but for those who purely want a well-designed hammock shelter, the Expedition is a great choice.

hennessy expedition asym zip hammock review - the attached bug net reduced versatility when it comes to casual...
The attached bug net reduced versatility when it comes to casual hanging but, for most, is a critical component for overnight hammocking.
Credit: Elizabeth Paashaus


The Expedition Asym Zip falls at the bottom end of the price range for all-inclusive backcountry models we tested. Considering its high level of comfort with the asymmetric design and the added durability of heavier fabrics than most models in our review, we think this is a great value. It does have a bit of a learning curve to set up, adjust.


Overall, the Hennessy Expedition offers immense value with its low price and high-end comfort. The asymmetric design and spacious fabric give it the comfort that rates close to the top performers in our review. There are lighter options out there, and there are models that offer better protection from rain, but none can offer as much bang for your buck.

hennessy expedition asym zip hammock review - the spacious feel and comfortable asymmetric design, paired with a...
The spacious feel and comfortable asymmetric design, paired with a low price, make this a great option for getting into hammock camping with all the components you need in one package.
Credit: Elizabeth Paashaus

Other Versions and Accessories

Also reviewed is the Ultralight model that uses a lighter material for the tarp and thinner rope to save 10 ounces. It also has a lower weight capacity of 200 pounds.

The Jungle series hammocks from Hennessy all come equipped with a double layer bottom to create a sleeve for a sleeping pad so you can be better insulated on cold nights and at altitude.

The Scout hammock is meant for those 5 feet, 8 inches, and under and comes with a rain fly. Great for kiddos that want to hammock camp along with you.

Hennessy also offers many options for larger tarps and straps, top and bottom insulation, and SnakeSkins to help you set up and tear down without ever touching the ground.

Videos from Hennessy

We found the video of how to tie the lashing extremely helpful.

And the instructions for hanging the hammock gave some excellent tips for getting the most comfort and protection.

Elizabeth Paashaus

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