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Editors' Choice Award
Almost no matter what your camping kitchen needs are, this set (and sometimes a subset of what it includes) will do what you need.
Editors' Choice Award
Primus set up this basic pot set with some attributes and features that optimize efficiency without bogging you down with finicky performance or gimmicky additions.
Top Pick Award
The ceramic construction of these pots is what sets them apart; they are the only equipment in our test that feature this technology.
Top Pick Award
For mechanically-supported adventures (read, for most people: car camping) where space might be at a premium but weight is less an issue, this set is for you.
Best Buy Award
This is an affordable way to get almost all you need all at once, provided your menu is basic and your group is small.
A lightweight and simple base camp cook set built for car camping or backpacking.
In its complete form, the Bugaboo is as close to your home cookware as we can envision.
Reasonable performance in a kit that has some of what you need and none that you don’t.
As long as you don’t require a frying pan as part of your integrated set, it offers innovative refinements and a close competition to some of our top scorers.
Top Pick Award
Well suited and carefully designed for ultralight backpacking.
Top Pick Award
A collapsable cookware set that is versatile and quite packable.
As long as your menu is simple and your group is small, this is a great choice.
A classic product with long-lasting performance and apocalypse-ready durability.