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Editors' Choice Award
Built to be long lasting, this kit has almost everything you need for your overnight trips.
Best Buy Award
This small kit is easily packable and has enough materials to treat many common backcountry injuries.
Top Pick Award
For short trips, day hikes and light weight adventures, this kit is our top choice.
Top Pick Award
The MyFAK kist is well-equipped to handle the toughest first aid situations you will likely encounter.
With a well-thought out compartment system, this is an ideal kit for small backpacking groups.
Top Pick Award
For long wilderness trips, or with large groups, we prefer the AMK Mountain Series Explorer.
Light, packable, and affordable, this kit fits in a daypack and ensures you are ready for the unforeseen.
Top Pick Award
Our Top Pick for Travel, especially those traveling abroad.
Includes many key emergency supplies, making it great for short camping trips as well as home, office or car.
For day hikes and short trips, the small size of this kit makes it easy to throw in the pack.
For large group access to common first aid items, such as offices and job sites, this kit is a good choice.
The First Aid Only 299-Piece is an average performing kit that can treat minor cuts and scrapes.