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Editors' Choice Award
For an inexpensive, easy-to-use, efficient panel the BigBlue is a no-brainer.
Our top-performing panel/battery pack.
The Arc 20 system is a well-thought-out panel and battery combo that charges laptops.
While the X-Dragon 40W is powerful and able to charge large batteries, it is also bulky and heavy, making it difficult to transport.
If price is not a concern, the Suntactics panel is very efficient for its 14W capacity and performs well in varying conditions.
Best Buy Award
As a mid-power panel, the Mercury 10W wins the award of Best Buy for its value as well as consistent ratings year after year.
The battery is a useful tool for recharging many devices, but it is also heavy and cumbersome.
Top Pick Award
Small and simple is the name of the game with the 5W. This lightweight panel is ideal for basic power ups.
This lightweight, inexpensive panel did not charge our gadgets as fast as some, but managed to be a consistent contender in all metrics.
For an inexpensive, large-capacity panel, the Sokoo is a good option.
Ideal for road trips and van life, the weighty 21W can be selected in a color that suits your adventure style.
The Source is reliable across the board, but did not dish out outstanding performance (and was heavy to boot).
With three USB ports and moderate charge power, the 24W from RavPower has many features, but was a little disappointing when it came to charge speed.
This panel was a strong competitor to some of our previous favorites, especially because of its simple design and durability.
It is efficient and portable, with the reliable design of a traditional solar charger.
This battery pack lacks efficiency though it is built with durability in mind.
The Nomad 7 embodies the user-friendly, nifty design features that are Goal Zero's hallmark.
This panel kit has lots of storage, many attachment points, and a small, portable 4,000mAh battery.