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Editors' Choice Award
Excelling across the board, this jacket is versatile enough for outdoor activities and is lightweight and storm worthy.
Top Pick Award
Offers top-tier weather resistance and breathability, coupled with low weight and minimal packed volume, proving to be one of the most versatile jackets we tested.
Top Pick Award
This slim-fitting model boasts the stretchiest fabric and best range of motion of any model in our review; it's also incredibly breathable and features an innovative hood design.
Just nearly missing out on an award, this is an awesome do-anything piece and one of our favorites.
With awesome ventilation capabilities, top-tier storm worthiness, and above average durability, this model is a great all-rounder.
Best for activities where its stretchy fabric, solid mobility, and top-tier breathability are key.
One of the lightest waterproof models that strikes a near-perfect balance between low weight and functionality, while still offering fantastic mobility.
This exceptionally versatile model is what you'd like to have if you find yourself out for days on end with a grim weather report.
With features that aren't as functional as other similar models, this jacket does at least keep you dry.
Best Buy Award
Great for those on a budget, this model marries performance with thoughtful design.
With better breathability than similarly priced models, it's tough to beat.
An awesome hood and superior mobility make this lightweight hoody stand out.
A tough and versatile model that will perform well at a wide range of activities, though it isn't the absolute best at anything.
A decent all-around jacket for the price, it offers excellent water resistance, comfort, and mobility.
This model boasts a good price and adequate protection, but it lacks outdoor features present in other contenders.