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Muck Boot Arctic Sport II Mid Review

A technical hybrid boot that performs the best in winter conditions, this model is more than superb if you're in need of heavy-duty insulation
muck boot arctic sport ii mid rain boots women review
Credit: The Original Muck Boot
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Price:  $180 List | $146.41 at Amazon
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Pros:  Well made, excellent traction, high comfort
Cons:  Somewhat bulky, expensive, can easily become too warm
Manufacturer:   The Original Muck Boot Company
By Sara Aranda  ⋅  Apr 14, 2021
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  • Weather Protection - 30% 7.0
  • Comfort - 25% 7.0
  • Traction - 20% 8.0
  • Warmth - 15% 10.0
  • Style - 10% 6.0

Our Verdict

The Muck Arctic Sport II Mid takes insulation to a whole new level. Made to withstand extremely cold temperatures, the 5mm neoprene bootie is lined with fleece and is rated to be comfortable between -40 and 40 degrees F. Our own experiences romping in the snow and through an icy creek weren't in the negatives, but this pair kept our feet warm no matter the conditions. The style is decent, and the comfort is great for all-day wear. We appreciate such a technical hybrid boot and its high level of performance, but we also recognize how specialized it is for winter — it's definitely more winter than rain boot.

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Bottom Line A technical hybrid boot that performs the best in winter conditions, this model is more than superb if you're in need of heavy-duty insulationOne of the best, this is a high-quality, stylish boot with excellent weather protectionIdeal for those working outside, this Alaskan boot was made to keep feet comfortable and dryA very straightforward, elegant boot that is highly affordable and good looking enough to go from the garden to the coffee shop
Rating Categories Muck Boot Arctic Sp... Hunter Original Bac... Xtratuf Legacy 15" Kamik Heidi
Weather Protection (30%)
Comfort (25%)
Traction (20%)
Warmth (15%)
Style (10%)
Specs Muck Boot Arctic Sp... Hunter Original Bac... Xtratuf Legacy 15" Kamik Heidi
Weight per Pair 3.0 lbs (size 8) 3.6 lbs (size 7) 3.6 lbs (size 8) 2.7 lbs (size 8)
Flood Height (from bottom of sole to lowest point of shaft) 11.0 in 15.6 in 15 in 12 in
Mouth Circumference 13 in 14-16 in 14.75 in 13.75 in
Lining/Insulation Fleece Lined Neoprene Recycled polyester Nylon Nylon
Upper Material Rubber, Neoprene Vulcanized Natural Rubber Triple-dipped latex neoprene Phthalate-free Synthetic Rubber
Outsole Material Rubber Natural Rubber Non-Marking Chevron Rubber Synthetic Rubber Blend
Insole Removeable EVA Insole Latex Sponge Foam Insole with recycled polyester Breathe-O-Prene Insole Removeable Kamik(R) Comfort Footbed
Unique Features bioDEWIX dry footbed (plant based anti-odor & antimicrobial), insulated for "-40F to 40F", fleece lined Adjustable circumference, certified vegan, handcrafted Chemical resistant upper Recyclable
Width Options Regular Regular Regular Regular
Sizing Info True to size Runs large Runs small True to size

Our Analysis and Test Results

An extreme weather boot of mid-calf height, the Muck Arctic Sport II Mid is a specialized hybrid of the easy slip-on aspects of traditional rain boots and the heavily insulated and tactile aspects of winter wear. This model comes in both Mid and Tall shaft heights; we tested the Mid, which rises 12.5 inches from the floor at its crest. A neat feature of this boot is Muck's bioDEWIX — a plant-based anti-odor & antimicrobial technology built into the lining.

Performance Comparison

muck boot arctic sport ii mid rain boots women review - being able to choose between mid or tall shaft size is a perk we...
Being able to choose between Mid or Tall shaft size is a perk we appreciate since it allows you to tailor the boot more to your specific needs. We tested the mid-calf height.
Credit: Sara Aranda

Weather Protection

Since the top edge of this boot is angled (higher at the shin and lower at the calf), the flood height is actually at 11 inches for the Mid, which still provides more than enough general weather protection. Having the taller shaft would greatly increase these aspects, of course, as the neoprene is fully waterproof. The insulation adds an extra layer of warmth as well --, we happily waded and splashed through water without worry, and even the mid-height proved more than sufficient after a fresh foot of snow.

The mouth circumference measures around 13 inches, which is on the narrow side. However, the neoprene is somewhat flexible, and the stitching is well executed and does not feel abrasive. Having a narrower circumference can help prevent stray drops of snow from finding an easy way in, but this will depend on your relative calf size.

muck boot arctic sport ii mid rain boots women review - the weather and environmental protection of this pair is confidence...
The weather and environmental protection of this pair is confidence inducing.
Credit: Sara Aranda


The materials used for the Arctic Sport II are rather simple, but they are well thought out in our opinion. The neoprene is soft to the touch and cozy against the leg, even without socks. While we wouldn't recommend wearing any boots without socks for extended periods, we appreciate the gentleness of the neoprene nonetheless. Through trial and error, we were able to determine that sizing up is best if you're a half-size. This allows for greater comfort in the foot box, at the ankle, and, of course, allows for some variability in sock thickness. For our lead tester, who is a size 7.5, the size 8 is perfect — we would say this model runs slightly small since a size 8 felt like a perfect 7.5 for her.

Foot comfort is hard to come by with many boots, but with a removable EVA insole and proper fit, all-day wear is very doable in the Arctic Sport II. The only problem you might run into is how effective the insulation is — it can create temperature discomfort above 35-40 degrees F. These boots warm up fast in the direct sun, so wearing them in too-warm conditions is intolerable. However, the fleece that lines the neoprene is somewhat breathable, allowing for some regulation and versatility in its comfort range. Lastly, weighing in about 3 pounds, we are happy to know that this model is much lighter than others we've recently tested, upping the mobility and overall comfort.

muck boot arctic sport ii mid rain boots women review - perfect for the frigid base of a climbing crag while you wait for...
Perfect for the frigid base of a climbing crag while you wait for the sun to hit.
Credit: Sara Aranda


Besides warmth, this metric is the greatest quality of the Arctic. The traction is technical and appropriate for snowy conditions. Even when testing in a river, we felt more confident than with most other boots. The rubber sole has deep lugs, instilling confidence with every step, snow or no snow. Too, the weight isn't overbearing, allowing for more fluid movement.

With such an insulated boot, it's important to pay attention to the sensitivity of the sole. If the sole is too stiff, having incredible tread doesn't matter as much if the wearer can't feel what's going on beneath their feet. Sense of balance might be thrown off, and steps can become inefficient or clumsy. Thankfully, the Arctic has enough flexibility to allow for a sense of stability, and therefore, more effective traction.

muck boot arctic sport ii mid rain boots women review - the pronounced lugs of the arctic sport held their ground well...
The pronounced lugs of the Arctic Sport held their ground well across the snow, ice, and in the river.
Credit: Sara Aranda


We honestly can't imagine a boot warmer than this, so the score is 10 out of 10 for this one, a rare verdict. The perks of this are not having to worry about numb toes while shoveling snow or crossing a half-frozen creek. At the base of a cold climbing crag, we maintained comfort and heat so well that everyone else was legitimately jealous.

On the other hand, having such extreme warmth isn't always practical. For general and casual use, it really depends on the environment you live in. More humid places without much snow might deem such a boot too specialized. The manufacturer's max recommended temperature for comfort is around 40 degrees F, which isn't that high for a rain boot. When the sun finally hit the climbing crag, to continue with our previous example, these boots quickly became overwhelming. They are certainly a niche product because of their insulation.

muck boot arctic sport ii mid rain boots women review - a closer look at the fleece-lined neoprene. the stitching is...
A closer look at the fleece-lined neoprene. The stitching is thorough and everything feels made to last.
Credit: Sara Aranda


More technical than fashionable, it's hard to pinpoint where this model falls on the style spectrum. Doing chores in winter conditions isn't a flattering thing to begin with, so we are actually quite content with the balance of function and flair. The neoprene offers a great canvas for patterns and color accents.

The molded rubber has a matte finish as opposed to glossy, and there are steep cuts where the rubber meets the neoprene upper, adding in some design accents that help accentuate any patterns or color.

muck boot arctic sport ii mid rain boots women review - the model design seems to highlight hardworking but fun qualities...
The model design seems to highlight hardworking but fun qualities, occupying a style that is somewhat technical but variable enough depending on where you live.
Credit: Sara Aranda


This category doesn't earn its own score and contributes mainly to the metric of comfort. Muck boots come in whole sizes from 5 to 11. There is a slight pinch in the shape of the shaft near the ankle, aimed at providing a better fit around the heel (and to mitigate the classic heel lift). With the appropriate shoe size, we think this feature works well. We sized up to an 8, and the fit was perfect for our lead tester, who is usually a 7.5 — there was hardly any heel lift at all. There is also some space for thicker socks, though not much, which isn't truly needed anyway since the insulation works so well. If you're adding insoles, we definitely recommend sizing up.

muck boot arctic sport ii mid rain boots women review - with no noticeable heel lift, the fit worked out well for our lead...
With no noticeable heel lift, the fit worked out well for our lead tester, allowing for all the better stability and comfort.
Credit: Sara Aranda


We think the quality of this pair is high and worth the price tag if you can afford it. Since the insulation is so technical, we can understand why the price is on the top end. However, we wish that such a fundamental boot could be more affordable and therefore accessible to those who could truly benefit from its warmth in the winter.


The Muck Arctic Sport II Mid is a tough competitor and blurs the lines between rain and winter boots. Remarkable for insulation and traction, we were instant fans. From winter chores to wading in the shallows of creeks, they are exceedingly useful, although highly specialized.

muck boot arctic sport ii mid rain boots women review - great for the frosty outdoors, the name arctic sport says it all.
Great for the frosty outdoors, the name Arctic Sport says it all.
Credit: Sara Aranda

Sara Aranda

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