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How We Tested Flip-Flop Sandals for Women

Monday October 17, 2022
flip flops womens - shoes are extremely personal, so we recruited a lot of different...
Shoes are extremely personal, so we recruited a lot of different feet to flip and flop around the Rocky Mountains in order to bring you the most comprehensive review possible.
Credit: Penney Garrett

It's a tough job to have to stroll through beautiful places for several months in multiple different pairs of top-of-the-line flip flops, but someone has to do it. Through multiple seasons and weather patterns in the Rocky Mountains, Sierra Nevada, and beyond, we walked, hiked, and scrambled to the crag, the beach, the grocery store, and everywhere in between. We navigated steep and dusty trails, muddy switchbacks, chilly rivers, desolate deserts, and urban sidewalks while paying close attention to every aspect and nuance of each shoe.

Feet are a funny thing, and as great as a pair of flip flops might be for one person, they may be a disaster to someone else. We kept this in mind as we tested each pair on varied terrain and with different sized and shaped feet. Ultimately only you know what will be perfect for your own body, but we think we can at least help guide your decision a bit, especially if you're feeling overwhelmed by all the choices.


Comfort is highly subjective, and no one can tell you for certain what you will and won't like. But some things are pretty universal, like the fact that soft, supple materials feel good on the skin and rough, sharp ones don't. We assessed the comfort of all our flip flops from varying perspectives, noting how comfortable each pair was right out of the box, how it felt over time as we broke it in, and how each one felt when wet, sweaty, or dirty.

flip flops womens - what kind of flip flop do you want waiting for you at the bottom of...
What kind of flip flop do you want waiting for you at the bottom of a climb or the end of a run? The Tide II has built in orthotics that create an aggressive arch support - a feature we found could either be wonderfully therapeutic or painfully overbearing depending on foot anatomy and personal preference.
Credit: Penney Garrett

Support & Stability

With something like a hiking boot, you expect support and stability to be discussed and tested, but with minimal footwear like a flip flop, it's an aspect that's often overlooked. There are tons of options out there for bargain bin prices that offer zero support and probably won't last you very long. But with a bit more research and a few more bucks, you can get something that will support your feet dramatically more and help you feel stable and secure on all manner of terrain. We tested this and many of the other metrics by taking our flips out into scenarios that, frankly, they had no business being in! We walked submerged in water, used logs as balance beams, scaled rock faces, and hiked on some seriously steep and muddy trails. By pushing the boundaries of what this kind of shoe is normally used for, we were able to gain a deep understanding of the strengths and limitations of each pair.

flip flops womens - the raised footbed edges not only affect support, but they also help...
The raised footbed edges not only affect support, but they also help with footbed traction too.
Credit: Matthew Blake


Traction was also a two-fold assessment for us. We paid attention to how well the outer sole kept us connected to the ground, as well as if our feet stayed secure within the footbed when both wet and dry. It almost doesn't matter how sticky the bottom of a flip flop is if the footbed allows you to slide all over the place. Besides our water tests, we also hiked through muddy puddles, down many steep and dusty trails, and played around on all manner of rocks and logs.

flip flops womens - the chaco lowdown has some of the best outsole traction in our test...
The Chaco Lowdown has some of the best outsole traction in our test suite.
Credit: Matthew Blake


Having the right tool for the job is important, and while flip flops may seem like a casual shoe choice, being prepared for any situation can prove valuable. Some shoes in our test suite are designed for the wilderness, while others are meant for strolls around the neighborhood. To truly test versatility, we took the brunch shoes out of their element and the adventure shoes out to brunch. We hiked up mountains in the strappy stylish models to see how they would fare on a spontaneous adventure. We were pleasantly surprised with how some of the minimal flips performed, and we were especially impressed with how some of the fashion-forward flips fared in the elements. The adventure models in the city performed just fine, but they often didn't look right unless we were sporting activewear. Take a moment to think about what you want out of your flip flops. If your answer is everything, then look at our models that scored highly in the metric, and you won't be disappointed.

flip flops womens - the astral rosa takes the cake for versatility.
The Astral Rosa takes the cake for versatility.
Credit: Matthew Blake


We polled close to 20 women for style, asking them to rate our tested flips in order from most to least stylish. No surprise, opinions varied, but there was an overall trend that was pretty undeniable. We created two different point systems to calculate our poll results, and the outcome between the two came out almost identical. In addition to that, our testers paid attention to the models that turned more heads and garnered more compliments from strangers.

flip flops womens - getting dressed up to go out on the town with each pair of flips was...
Getting dressed up to go out on the town with each pair of flips was *super* hard work that we took *very* seriously.
Credit: Penney Garrett


While we don't have a dedicated rating metric for fit, this is, of course, another thing we paid close attention to — both when assessing comfort and when noting the attractiveness of each pair. For example, some straps don't work with certain people's toes, and some of the narrower models, beautiful as they may be, simply don't look good on a wide foot. These details are all discussed in each review.

Be sure to check out our main Best in Class review for an overview of all our award winners and top performers. If you want more technical details regarding features, you might want to prioritize how a flip flop should fit your foot or what type of material you might like best, check out our Buying Advice article.

flip flops womens - from dry and dusty to wet and muddy, we put our flip flops through...
From dry and dusty to wet and muddy, we put our flip flops through months of obstacles to help you find your perfect pair. Here we have the Astral Rosa tackling a river crossing.
Credit: Matthew Blake

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